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Special Interests: persuasive design; persuasion testing; usability

Faculty Bio

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Todd J. Follansbee

Todd J. Follansbee, co-founder and VP of Marketing of OUXI, is a principal consultant with Web Marketing Resources> . Todd became interested in technology when he first went online in 1969. Following a career in traditional marketing, in 1996 his fascination with learning styles and psychographic marketing led him to the field of usability, and he was soon writing and speaking on TV and at seminars on how to convert web site visitors into customers.

Todd has studied and practiced advanced marketing and Persuasion Psychology for over 20 years and has consulted with companies in the health, legal, insurance, real estate, sports, software development, training, consulting, niche marketing and publishing fields.

Todd is the Usability columnist for Web Marketing Today>, the largest continuously operating Internet marketing newsletter with over 100,000 opt-in subscribers, and a member of the Techsmith> tech advisory board. He was voted into the Top Ten Web Designers in the Northeast, July 2008, by Entrepreneur> magazine, and helped win the prestigious Windows Developer Magazine> Readers' Choice award in 2001 for "Best Training Company in the US."

Todd believes that designing for ethical, usable and persuasive User eXperiences is the next big direction for the web, and that behavioral targeting, social media and 24/7 web access via mobile platforms all point to a growing ability to understand the web visitor and help us deliver relevant and compelling content.

Todd holds a B. A. in Economics from Franklin and Marshall University.

Faculty Publications

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Follansbee, T. (2010) Clear Hyperlinks Increase Conversions>

Follansbee, T. (2009) How to Make Your About Us Page More Effective>

Follansbee, T. (2009) How to get Compelling Descriptions into your Search Results>

Follansbee, T. (2009) How to Make an Effective Call to Action Button>

Follansbee, T. (2008) The First 8 Seconds>

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Courses Taught by Faculty

Courses taught by Todd J. Follansbee:

Title: Web Persuasion Testing Made Simple
Course #: E 25
Track: Small Web Business Owner; Usability Engineer; Technical Communicator
Group: UX Evaluation
Status: in development